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Thanks for coming to my site!  I hope you will have a fun time looking through the pages here.

Kelly Athena Richards, owner of Athena Photos

Kelly Athena, Creativity Specialist

I have always loved creating through art, music, writing, and photography.  I have combined these passions by creating E-cards you can send to your friends and relatives.

Here is a Joyful Ecard for you to preview:
Preview some more Joyful Ecards here!

My book, Dancing Heartis guaranteed to make you smile or your money back!  It includes 178 poems about celebrating your life, dealing with challenges, the beauty of nature, the law of attraction, and relationships.  It also includes 20 Play Pages–exercises for delving into your own life!  It is available for $14.95 plus shipping by e-mailing me at book@kellyathena.com. (I will bill you through Paypal or you can send a check.)

Read some Law Of Attraction poems from my book by clicking here:  Law of Attraction Poems.

Read some Friendship Poems from my book by clicking here:  Friendship Poems.

Read some Radical Self-Acceptance Poems by clicking here:  Celebrate Yourself Poems

I sell greeting cards of all the art and nature photography you see throughout this website.  High quality folded paper greeting cards, each hand signed, envelopes included.  4 for $10, 10 for $20.  Just e-mail me at card@kellyathena.com and let me know which images you would like on your cards.  (I will bill you through Paypal or you can send a check.)

I create paintings and mixed media pieces in bright expressionist styles.  They adorn the offices of Arizona Heart Institute and other businesses and are loved by collectors throughout the United States. Please e-mail me at kelly@kellyathena.com to discuss your specific needs. Some may be seen on my Art Gallery on this site.

74 soothing minutes of piano, harp, strings, and ambient sounds:  Bliss, my CD you can order for $14.95 by e-mailing me at kelly@kellyathena.com.

Listen to my Happy Jazzy Birthday music by clicking here!

I facilitate creativity workshops in my home, at Maricopa Community Colleges, and other locations.

May you be inspired to explore your own creativity!

Best Wishes,

Kelly Athena

Mailing Address:

Kelly Athena

1334 E. Chandler Blvd. #5-d5

Phoenix, AZ  85048


480.773.7000 office  ~  480.216.0966 cell

Call or E-mail me for studio address and directions to our Ahwatukee Foothills studio.

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  1. Ingrid Said:

    Just sent you jazzy birthday card to my goddaughter. Liked the appreciation part especially. So true!

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